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Who we are

We are former students, counselors, teachers, mental health professionals, and corrections staff. We are youth advocates. Over the last 15 years, we have combined our experiences with research to develop tools that enable everyone in an organization to thrive – the adults, the straight-A students on the college track, the most at-risk kid from a broken home. The secret is resilience education, and through it, we’ve seen individuals and groups from a wide variety of backgrounds develop the capacity to access resilience. Click here to request a free demo.

EVERY PERSON, man, woman and child should be required to go through yourprogram in order to go through life… If we can do this program everywhere, in everyschool, we would be spending much less money and resources on prisons, youthdetention and alternative schools. The teachers need it as much as the youth.” –JillPorter, Probation Officer, New York

A program for students

The WhyTry Program uses a series of ten visual metaphors to teach social, emotional, and leadership principles. The program’s unique multisensory approach caters to every learning type, and has been used in over 16,000 schools and organizations with 2 million students and counting. Click here to try it free.

“I actually used to be a failing student in middle school, barely made it past eighthgrade. Then I experienced this program freshman year, and everything changed. I amnow doing well and I have passed multiple Advanced Placement exams and should beon my way to college after senior year. Thanks for making this program.” –“Alex,” HighSchool Student, Iowa

A program for staff

When the language of WhyTry is established among students and staff, the culture transforms. Using one-day staff development workshops and two-day trainings, the WhyTry Program shows teachers and staff how to improve classroom management, build positive relationships, and create relevance in the classroom. Click to find an event in your area.

“The culture has transformed from pessimism to optimism, from stuck and decaying to flowing peacefully, from resistance to acceptance, and from no hope to a renewedfeeling of power and new ideas.” –Lyndsay Morris, School Counselor, Washington

A research-based program

The WhyTry Program has been proven to increase GPA and graduation rates, reduce failure and expulsion, decrease rule-breaking behaviors, improve self-concept and emotional health, increase resilience, and improve academic progress in all areas. To see more research, click here.

“Since incorporating WhyTry, our graduation rate has tripled, our state scoreson California Star Tests have cone up, our API scores – that’s our annual index ofperformance – have gone up double digits in all four years. We had a 60-point gainthis year. Part of it is because we have a great staff who really believe in our kids, andwe have tools like WhyTry to motivate our kids and help build resiliency in them andmotivate them to have goals.” –Regina Awtry, Principal, California

What people are saying...

"I want to tell you how pleased I am with your product! I’ve been using the Why Try program now for 12 years! This year has been the best so far. It just seems to get better and better." -Stan Glenn, Vocational Transition Instructor, South Carolina

“I love the WhyTry Program. I have been using it for years... It is the best program of its kind that I have ever seen!” David Kinman, Teacher, Tennessee

“Taking social and emotional education and putting different strategies in it to relate to the kids on their level is definitely a way to help kids better educate themselves and have the lives they want to have.” -Jamall Kinnard, Communities in Schools Site Organizer, North Carolina

“We’re finding that the metaphors really connect with kids, once you start talking about them and show them some of the visuals. We’re finding it’s really positive for the kids and for the staff.” –Chris Brannon, P.E. Teacher, Washington

“They started participating more, they started opening up on different issues that they were dealing with, versus when we first brought the program in, some of them wouldn’t even talk. That’s when we knew something positive was happening with these kids.” –Joe Cunningham, Communities in Schools Program Coordinator, Texas

“I had nothing but positive feedback from people who thanked us for bringing WhyTry to Maui and for an awesome presenter… Some of the comments were, ‘This is the best training I have been to in a long time,’ ‘This is a program that I can go back and implement at my school immediately with the materials that I was given,’ ‘This is so positive-based,’ ‘[the trainer] kept my attention,’ ‘I've been working in my position for 10 years and this the best training I have been to. The materials seems easy to implement and the visuals are great,’ ‘We can use some of these analogies on our colleagues.’" -Momi Kihata-Ball, Behavioral Health Specialist, Hawaii

“WhyTry is an outstanding program that bears fruit when shared with young people.”-Vicki Spriggs, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission

“You teach the analogy and you see a light bulb: ‘Oh yeah, I get it!’  You get a lot of that. When you get to the crab pot a lot of light bulbs go on.” –Rey Sanchez, Health Teacher, California

“When one person started sharing, another person would share her story about being in the loop, and then other students would come out and say, ‘Well this is what you need to do.' A couple of girls actually brought in their own CDs of songs that reminded them of their own Reality Ride.” –Sara Galdikas, High School Social Worker, Illinois