(The X-Factor)

When struggling students are asked to identify their greatest challenges at school, almost every one will say something to the affect of, "My teachers don't like me." While we believe this to be a major misconception as a vast majority of teachers genuinely care for their students, it may be harmful to correct the student.

The truth is - it doesn't matter whether or not a teacher "likes" a student. What matters is the student's perception. We feel that almost everyone can look back on their education and remember a teacher who they believed "didn't like them." This draws attention to the greater problem. We are not doing enough to communicate how much we care about our students. 

Often we focus too much on getting rid of bad behaviors. We push students to do what is right or what we want them to do. This is the wrong approach. As the saying goes, "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." 

Rita Pierson addressed this problem, stating that "every kid needs a champion." In WhyTry, we teach educators to be that champion. We focus on the relationship -  what we call the  X-Factor - in resilience education.

Our program utilizes what we have dubbed Surrenduring the One-Up, a tool and resource designed to help teachers, counselors, and other staff members develop the type of relationship that leads to positive life changes by motivating and empowering students in an environment of trust. We offer teacher in-service trainings and Surrenduring the One-Up guides to get you going on the right foot. 

The greatest teachers of all levels have one thing in common: their students know they like and love them. We feel this type of positive, encouraging relationship is the #1 trait in teacher success. If you want to reach struggling students, unmotivated students, discouraged students, you need the X-Factor. You need relationship


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When used in connection with the other two R's of resilience education, we have proven students will be more focused and engaged


WhyTry offers over 60 tools and interventions to help you achieve the type of positive relationship students need to be successful, both academically and in life. As a social and emotional learning program, we offer a practical and easy-to-use approach that can be applied in just a few short sessions. 

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