When a student can't see how their choices today directly impact their future, it can be difficult to see the relevance of school. Students today don't see the relevance of the things we are trying to get them to learn and do. 

In today's standards, most of our teaching naturally focuses on passing tests. Our success as an educator is measured by this goal, and it can feel like the most important thing we can do for our students. However, this leads us to focus so much on the "what" of education that we miss the "why" of learning.

We are WhyTry because we help you re-connect with that "why." 

Like a struggling student trying to learn algebra, it can be nearly impossible to see the application without proper direction. For students, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, making it hard for students to understand the consequences of their choices today.

"By combining social and emotional learningwith academics, we can help to make those relevency ties to life."
-Early King

WhyTry Relevance

How do we engage students? How do we create and develop relevance



People of all ages connect to music on an emotional level. Consider the last movie you watched. No doubt, the soundtrack from the movie raised deep feelings for you. In the same way, music can be used reinforce important principles. Research shows students listen to music more than any other hobby or interest. 

In the WhyTry Program, we utilize music with lyrics that strengthen the message of our lessons. We use creative music videos commissioned and created specifically for use with
each visual analogy. We have dozens of recommended songs with appropriate lyrics to reinforce our lessons, and we encourage the use of modern music throughout our program. 

music graphic 


There has been a lot of recent emphasis on teachers engaging students of all learning types. Are we doing enough for our kinesthetic learners? With WhyTry, you have access to hundreds of fun and engaging activities to get students moving and relating. Our activites push students to interact, engaging with lesson principles first-hand. 

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Media & Technology

We do our students a disservice by refusing to connect with them through means that enjoy and are familiar with. If we are not engaging students with tools they are used to, we are fighting a battle we're going to lose. 

Students today are used to learning in mutliple ways through handheld devices, media, etc. They want entertainment and instant-access. By including these means in our lessons, we connect with students in a way they enjoy. We are teaching them in ways they like to learn. 

WhyTry also encourages the use of stories, metaphors, current events, personal stories, famous examples, and more. This creates context and relevance. When relevance is successfully combined with relationship, you are on well on your way to RESILIENCE
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If you are ready to build your relationship with your students, create motivating relevance, and develop resilience in your classroom, contact us today or visit our products list to get started. 

Resilience in Education Matters.

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