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The WhyTry Program
For 16 years, the WhyTry Program has been using SEL to help struggling students make positive life changes.

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Resilience for Youth
This new program provides strategies to help all students develop lifelong resilience.

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Dont Miss The 3rd Annual Resilience Education Summit!

December 5th - 6th | 2019
Get career-changing tools from the nation's leading resilience experts.

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Why Resilience?

Why Resilience?

There has never been a greater need to foster school environments that allow teachers and students to thrive. Studies have shown that students who score higher on resilience measures have improved social skills, higher grades, a greater love of learning, and better decision-making skills.

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3 Pillars of Whytry



The key to motivation and change does not lie in interventions alone, but in the relationship established with students.

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Multisensory learning helps students grasp the purpose, meaning, and application of the things they’re being taught.

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The first two pillars help students harness the third -- resilience -- and learn to see their challenges differently.

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WhyTry Programs Provide Solutions For

School Climate  

Transforming Your School With Resilience

For over a decade, the WhyTry Organization has focused on a question that teachers and administrators ask regularly: “What does a resilient school look like?” We’ve taken a close look at schools that are thriving in terms of dropout prevention, student engagement, lowering behavioral issues, and improving academic success. 

Resilience is for everyone
-- staff and students alike.


There is a desperate need in today’s schools to form cohesive teams – 
teams that can help staff and student body achieve a resilient mindset 
long after the “trailblazers” have left; that provide resources for struggling
teachers and create a support system for struggling students.

A Resilience Leadership Team, consisting entirely of staff within the school,
creates and fosters a passion for SEL, building a common vision of
school-wide resilience. Regardless of what SEL program you’re using, the
best way to transform an entire school culture is from the inside out.

A Resilience Leadership Team should include: 

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Families 




The purpose of the team is to: 


Address the challenges of teachers and administrators

Many administrators have observed that a common challenge facing their
teachers and staff is a lack -- a lack of training, skills, support, leadership,
or resources (technical help or time-saving lesson plans). A Resilience
Leadership Team, consisting of several passionate staff and a technology
specialist, would help teachers feel listened to, supported, and equipped
with the necessary skills to help build resilience in themselves and their
students. The team also creates staff buy-in, increasing administrators'
ability to effectively implement programs that make a difference.


Address student disengagement

A Resilience Leadership Team addresses common issues dealing with student 
disengagement - helping students develop a vision, see the relevance
of school, feel connected and valued, and get engaged. 




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