Sometimes we focus so much on helping students pass a test that we fail to help them see how the subject relates to them.  Kids in our classrooms often feel the same way most of us felt in our college algebra class – they just don’t see the point. 

We are WhyTry because we help you reconnect your students with the “why.”  We’ve got to apply our lessons to the lived experience of our students, which often means stepping away from the chalkboard and taking a multisensory learning approach. At WhyTry, we do that using video, music, activities, journaling, visual analogies, and other multimedia. Our tools and strategies will build motivation in your classroom and promote career and college readiness.

  • “Very, very well done and organized, this program is incredibly complete and well thought out, masterfully scope and sequenced, it’s all here, totally visual and participatory. There is a very solid base to this “pyramid.” If presented to kids (with full fidelity) we will see them attain greater success.” -Spencer Robinson, Teacher, Farmington Bay Youth Center, Utah
  • “WhyTry gives them the vocabulary that my class last year lacked because the program is so strong with giving them the tools and the words to describe how they’re feeling.” –Kristie Brawley, 2nd grade teacher, Willow Creek Elementary School, Texas

Resilience in Education Matters.

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