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The WhyTry model for the first day of class goes against the grain of the usual approach to simply go over the rules and schedule. On the first day of WhyTry, relationships come first.

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Teaching a WhyTry Class

Working closely with a local school district, school counselors Bruce Bushnell and Kevin Card helped create a pilot program using WhyTry as the curriculum for a class.  Their ideas have turned into a great model for other schools wanting to do the same thing.

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Surrendering the One-Up Relationship

The key to creating change doesn’t lie in the interventions alone, but in the relationship you establish with students. In almost every case, students find themselves “one-down” in relationships with adults. When you surrender the one-up, however, you are showing your students that they have great value and worth as human beings and that you believe in their ability to change.

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WhyTry Program Alignment

Learn how the WhyTry Program aligns with common content areas, ASCA National Standards, and the PBIS and RTI models.

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The pain of a learning disability

Get a peek into the perspective of a child with severe learning disabilities by listening to WhyTry Founder Christian Moore share his “Just Think” story.

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Resilience in Education Matters.

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