Level 1 Training

 We’ve worked with thousands of teachers, counselors, and administrators nationwide to foster a positive climate, improve classroom management, reduce burnout, and prepare facilitators for successful implementation of the WhyTry Program. Our Level 1 Trainings are not only rejuvenating and energizing, but they’ll give you confidence in your ability to effect a real change with your students and hit the ground running with WhyTry. 

You’ll get:

  • A comprehensive overview of each of WhyTry’s 10 units
  • A introduction to the 3 pillars of WhyTry – Relationship, Relevance, and Resilience
  • Hands-on demonstrations of several of WhyTry’s interactive activities
  • Tips for effective use of multimedia in your classroom or setting
  • Valuable classroom management strategies that bolster staff and student cohesion
  • Accreditation – Continuing Education Units are offered

Can’t find a training near you? Click here to learn more about the benefits of hosting a training in your area.  

Event Event Date Register
Gunnison, CO WhyTry Level 1 10-19-2017 8:30 am
Mt. Pleasant, MI WhyTry Level 1 11-01-2017 8:30 am
Park City, UT WhyTry Level 1 11-09-2017 8:00 am
Brookhaven, NY WhyTry Level 1 11-13-2017 8:00 am
Blanding, UT WhyTry Level 1 11-13-2017 8:30 am
Pasco, WA WhyTry Level 1 11-14-2017 8:30 am
San Jacinto, CA Level 1 11-15-2017 8:00 am
Lexington, KY WhyTry Level 1 11-15-2017 8:30 am
Bowling Green, KY WhyTry Level 1 11-27-2017 8:30 am
Everett, WA WhyTry Level 1 12-04-2017 8:30 am
Newark, NY WhyTry Level 1 12-07-2017 8:00 am

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