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  • Elementary Student Journal

WhyTry Inc. has introduced a new component to help implement the WhyTry Program in K-6 classroom and group settings. The WhyTry Elementary Student Journal is a book of activities and personal reflections for use by each youth going through the WhyTry Program. It includes many new activities for each of the WhyTry visual analogies, including art and music activities.  It also contains journal prompts, literature prompts (for responding to the stories contained in the elementary book list found in the teacher's manual), and activity response sections for processing the experiential activities. 

The WhyTry Program started as a set of ten pictures teaching social and emotional principles youth need to succeed in school and life. Soon songs were added reinforce the principles. Then physical activities were added, to address all of the major learning styles: visual, auditory, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic.

Many teachers saw the WhyTry Program as an opportunity for creative new assignments. Teachers would assign students to paint a picture of what their future would be like when they tore off their negative labels. Or they would have students write a poem about climbing out of the crab pot.

The WhyTry Elementary Student Journal is a next step that gives educators more tools to reach students. For each visual analogy, there are several new activities which can be used in the classroom, for journaling and language development combined with social and emotional development. The journal provides daily activities to reinforce the principles taught in the lessons through out the school year.

Elementary Student Journal

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