Alternatives to Suspension with SEL and Restorative Practices

An Amazing Approach to Discipline

As we make plans for the transition back to school this fall, school districts and administrators are focusing on what we must do to address the rise in mental health needs for all students.  Previous to the pandemic schools could rely on specialists to meet those needs.  Now with the collective trauma students have experienced due to COVID-19 and the disruptions of the past year, all educators are having to engage and focus on the emotional wellbeing of their students.  Because of this, there has never been a greater push for well equipped student services personnel that can lead the way.  Their role will be key in helping schools to foster resilience in students and staff during these difficult times!


Dr. Tracy Piper

Dr. Tracy Piper

Dr. Piper is committed to improving outcomes for all students, especially those furthest from opportunity. She strives to be the clog in the school to prison pipeline. Throughout her career, Dr. Piper focused on innovative approaches to improve students’ sense of belonging and agency leading to better attendance, less school discipline and increased achievement. Beginning her career as a stockbroker, bartender and chef, she ultimately became an educator to create positive change in her community. With degrees from Northeastern Illinois University, California State University and University of LaVerne, she served as a teacher, site administrator and district administrator in public schools for over 20 years. She has twin daughters and lives in southern California with three lovable rescue dogs. She serves on the Boards of California Association of Pupil Personnel Administrators (CAPPA) and the Center Against Sexual Assault (CASA).

Jason Johnson 

Jason is a licensed school psychologist and has published research on resilience and student performance.  Jason is a passionate advocate for disadvantaged students and currently consults and trains educators across the nation as the director of training and research for the WhyTry organization. Jason is a thought leader on resilience education and has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the country. He has led successful implementations of all WhyTry programs and has pioneered trainings for clients in healthcare, corporate, and the US Military.

Join us as we bridge the gap between alternative and mainstream education, bringing forward solutions and strategies that address some of the most pressing challenges in today’s educational landscape. Your voice and engagement are key to our collective success. See you at the webinar!

Christian Moore

Christian Moore

Christian is the founder of the WhyTry Organization that provides curriculum, tools, and training for schools and educators across the US and internationally, focused on helping students build social and emotional resilience. Christian is also a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), an internationally renowned speaker, and a passionate advocate for youth. He is the author of the best-selling book “The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action,” a guide for accessing resilience in a world of increasing instability and narrowing opportunity.

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