Resilience for Youth

The Resilience for Youth Program

Toolkit and Training

This includes our introductory training and the full toolkit access for one person.

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The Building Blocks of Resilience

The Resilience For Youth curriculum is a suite of tools that teach the building blocks of resilience for students and includes resources for educators and parents. These tools utilize the same methods employed in the WhyTry Program. (visual analogies reinforced through the creative use of music, hands-on activities, and multimedia, engaging all major learning styles, visual, auditory, and body-kinesthetic).

Where Does Resilience for Youth Fit?

Resilience for Youth is an effective part of:

  • Homerooms
  • College and career prep
  • Leadership classes
  • Student success
  • Tier 1 interventions
  • School-wide resilience initiatives

The Key Principles of Resilience Taught

  • Why focus on resilience?
  • Flipping the Switch
  • Emotional Fuel
  • Relational Resilience
  • Street Resilience
  • Resource Resilience
  • Rock Bottom Resilience

The Parent Guide to Resilience – A Companion to Curriculum

The parent guide is a companion resource for parents and families to help apply the same resilience principles in the home that we teach in our school curriculum, Resilience For Youth.

Group or Site Discounts

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Based on the Principles in Our Best Selling Book

“The Resilience Breakthrough” provides 27 strategies for turning adversity into action.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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