An Online Resource, NOT An Online Social-Emotional Learning Program


First, we want to say that EVERY social-emotional learning effort made by schools and communities is important. Research has shown that students who have vital resilience skills perform better in school and are more capable of achieving their goals.

However, we also believe the best chance students have to succeed is with a strong support system encouraging along the way. WhyTry offers an online resource for educators to utilize resilience-building tools that will help them connect with their students. WhyTry is not an online social-emotional learning program for one very important reason: relationships. 

What Makes WhyTry Different

We live in a fast-paced world. Our children expect and almost demand stimulating learning options.  They want it to be interesting. They want it to be engaging, and intervention groups have adapted to that expectation with online social-emotional learning programs.

Think of the tools our kids so desperately need – social AND emotional strengths. Both of these attributes are personal, and the delivery of these tools should be personalized for each child. If we remove the human element, we are removing support. We are removing relationships that provide a jumping point for the kids who feel they have no motivation to try in life. 

Online social-emotional learning programs run the risk of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Without relevance, interventions are stale and students can’t relate to the messages. It takes a supportive person who knows each child individually to customize an approach that’s right. 

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