Beth Foster’s Success Story

Read Beth’s story about her success using WhyTry below.

Beth Foster

Counselor, Amanda Gist Elementary

Beth Foster

Counselor, Amanda Gist Elementary

Beth Foster is a counselor and teacher with 27 years of experience. She currently serves a rural community in the Ozarks. Her students face challenges like poverty, food deprivation, and drugs. Many come from single-parent families or are raised by grandparents.

Beth’s Story


The school plays a central role in the community, hosting open houses and tailgate parties. Beth is tasked with teaching social emotional skills to the students, especially in the lower grades. Often, her students aren’t getting these lessons at home.

Beth discovered WhyTry by chance when searching for answers about why some students struggle with resilience and why other students just thrive. She was drawn to WhyTry’s approach to teaching every student to be resilient, and the affordable cost just made sense.

“I’m a teacher at heart, and having WhyTry in my toolkit gives me the flexibility to introduce main parts of the program in my guidance classes, and then I can pull in more content as the kids progress through different grades. It works seamlessly for me.”

Why Beth Chooses WhyTry

Beth appreciates the flexibility of the WhyTry program, which allows her to incorporate various elements into her guidance classes according to each grade’s needs. The program’s visual metaphors, conversation starters, and discussion points have been particularly effective in engaging students and promoting resilience.

“The conversation starters from WhyTry are the biggest thing that I see making a difference, especially in fifth and sixth grade. It gets the kids engaged and willing to share with each other, and their peers are way more influential than I’ll ever be.”

WhyTry in Action

Beth shares a heartwarming story of a student who faced challenges with anger and impulsiveness. Through the WhyTry program, the student learned to use WhyTry’s metaphors and strategies to make better choices, taking responsibility for his actions and showing significant improvement in behavior.

“One of my favorite moments with WhyTry was when a student who was having a rough day had an outburst, and after in-school suspension, he came back to me with tears in his eyes, saying he ‘got caught in the loop’ and forgot his lifelines. He wrote a sincere apology letter and learned from his actions. He took accountability. It was so rewarding to see the impact of WhyTry in his life.”

Get Started Today

Beth praises the WhyTry program’s impact on her students and appreciates its role in helping her build resilience and social-emotional skills in her students. What could WhyTry do for your students?

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