Are you tired of seeing your students make the same bad decisions over and over again?

If you are like most teachers, you probably hate dealing with students’ bad decisions, especially when you are stuck with enforcing consequences. So what can we do? How do we help students to improve their decision-making and take more accountability for their actions and behaviors? Here at WhyTry, we have some practical tools and strategies to help with this! Our approach begins with discussing a visual metaphor called “The Reality Ride.” To see a demonstration of how it works click on the video link below.

See a demonstration of our lesson “The Reality Ride”

Imagine if you could take a ride through your life, and see the consequences of your decisions. The Reality Ride is a visual metaphor that can help students understand this concept.  It’s a rollercoaster that shows the ups and downs we experience when we make choices that can lead to high-risk behaviors. Well, with “The Reality Ride” you can! Our choices can lead to a life full of ups and downs, like a rollercoaster.

The Reality Ride visual metaphor demo

This innovative tool helps students be more aware of the consequences of their decisions and teaches them how to make better choices. Using this visual metaphor, teachers can illustrate the positive and negative outcomes of their student’s choices.

We combine this visual approach with many other engaging resources from our toolkit including:

  • stories
  • funny video clips
  • journals
  • object lessons
  • learning activities
  • guided processing
  • music

These tools give teachers the resources they need to teach these important skills in a way that is relevant and engaging to students.  Most importantly they can help students learn how to make better decisions, and stay on track for a bright future.

Incorporating The WhyTry Approach

The WhyTry program is not just a series of tools and resources to teach life skills; it’s an approach to motivating even the most difficult-to-reach students. Our training focuses on helping educators build competencies that are key to student engagement and follow our proven model for teaching resilience to all students.

The WhyTry Toolkit and Curriculum

The WhyTry Program can be used as a flexible toolkit for teachers and counselors or as a classroom curriculum taught for a semester or school year. Would you like to see how it works? To schedule, a free demo of our complete toolkit and implementation model hit the button below: 

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