Host a Training

Host An In-Person WhyTry Training at your Facility!

Hosting a live WhyTry training at your school or organization brings a multitude of benefits. We’ve worked with thousands of teachers, counselors, and administrators nationwide to foster a positive climate, improve classroom management, reduce burnout, and prepare facilitators for the successful implementation of WhyTry’s engaging lessons, tools and program materials. Our trainings are not only rejuvenating and energizing, but they’ll also give you confidence in your ability to effect real change with your students and hit the ground running with WhyTry.

Flexible Training Options

Do you have a team or group of people that need to get trained in WhyTry?, but don’t see an “Introductory” or “Year 2” training on our schedule that works for you? Not sure if your group is large enough to justify an in-person training? If you host the training and open it up for others in your area to join, we might be able to train your group at your facility. Speak to a program director and explore the opportunity to host your own training today.

Benefits of Hosting A Training

As a training host, you will receive several benefits, including: 

  • A WhyTry Grant or discount to help implement the program at your facility
  • Building capacity in your staff as they learn the WhyTry Approach together
  • Boost confidence and improve team culture
  • Accreditation for your educators, as we are an NBCC approved training
  • Build resilience skills in your staff and help them to teach these skills to your students
  • Motivate your team and rekindle their passion for working with students
  • And more!

Explore your options for hosting a WhyTry Training Today!

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