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The WhyTry Program
For 16 years, the WhyTry Program has been using SEL to help struggling students make positive life changes.

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Resilience for Youth
This new program provides strategies to help all students develop lifelong resilience.

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Why Resilience?

Why Resilience?

There has never been a greater need to foster school environments that allow teachers and students to thrive. Studies have shown that students who score higher on resilience measures have improved social skills, higher grades, a greater love of learning, and better decision-making skills.

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3 Pillars of Whytry



The key to motivation and change does not lie in interventions alone, but in the relationship established with students.

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Multisensory learning helps students grasp the purpose, meaning, and application of the things they’re being taught.

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The first two pillars help students harness the third -- resilience -- and learn to see their challenges differently.

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Alpine School District Longitudinal Study

Group: 114 students who completed the WhyTry Program at Pleasant Grove High School in Pleasant Grove, Utah, starting with the first WhyTry class in August 2000. The control group consisted of 88 students selected with the same academic and attendance profile as the WhyTry students at the start of each class. 

Description: Both groups were tracked from the time the WhyTry class was completed, for up to 12 terms.




Students who completed the WhyTry Program showed a significant improvement in GPA, completing their high school careers with GPA’s 0.62 points higher than the control group.



Students who completed the WhyTry Program had fewer absences than the control group, both cumulatively, and on average.




Students who completed the WhyTry Program exhibited a significant reduction in failed courses as compared to the control group.


Graduation rates

Graduation Rate:  

The WhyTry students and the control group were drawn from the same pool of at-risk students.  At the end of their high school careers, the WhyTry participants were 3 times more likely to graduate than the control group.   


Summary:  The WhyTry Program appears to have a positive effect on academic performance, attendance and graduation.  This is consistent with other research projects studying the effects of the WhyTry Program. The effects of the WhyTry Program also appear to increase over time.  More longitudinal data will be forthcoming as these students continue their high school careers.

Bushnell, B.; Card, K. “Alpine School District Longitudinal Study.” Unbpublished evaluation for the Alpine School District, Provo, UT (2003).



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