What’s the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher? At WhyTry, we believe the X factor – the key to lasting change and motivation in youth – lies in the relationship a teacher establishes with his/her students. 

Too often we focus on getting rid of bad behaviors, pushing students to do what is “right” and asserting our authority. At WhyTry, we call this the “one-up relationship.” We provide teachers, counselors, and administrators the tools for what we call “surrendering the one-up relationship,” giving students a sense of power and control and allowing them to feel like authorities on themselves. We believe in respect, in allowing students to discover their potential, and in showing them their inherent value and worth as human beings. The result is a classroom climate that fosters trust and motivation.

The greatest teachers, counselors, and administrators all have one thing in common: their students know they are cared about. We feel this type of encouraging relationship is the #1 trait in teacher success. If you want to reach struggling, unmotivated, or discouraged students, you need the X Factor.

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  • “As good as I thought I was in my student-teacher relationships, this taught me that I could get even better.” -Valarie Tom, ELA Teacher, Chinle High School, Arizona
  • “We are finding that the climate is impacted because relationships are building. Relationships lead to engagement. Engagement is a key to achievement and success.” –Kim Miles, Director of Secondary Education, Wicomico County Schools, Maryland
  • “All the kids I’ve ever worked with want to talk. They want somebody to listen to them and relate to them. By giving the teachers a common language, the teachers felt that they understood their kids better.” –Aaron Patrick, Day School Coordinator, Rabiner Treatment Center, Iowa

Resilience in Education Matters.

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