More Lessons Learned From Alt-Ed That We Can Apply In Our Schools Today

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Thursday, April 25th at

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Welcome Educators!

We’re excited to invite you to an important and insightful free webinar titled “Lessons Learned from Alternative Ed that We All Can Apply in Our Schools Today.” This session is a must-attend for K-12 educators, school administrators, and anyone passionate about the evolving landscape of education.

About the Webinar

In an era where challenges like student behavior issues, poor engagement, and disconnection, once predominantly concerns of alternative education, are increasingly visible in mainstream schools, the insights from alternative education are more relevant than ever. This webinar isn’t just about exploring new territory; it’s about learning from those who have been navigating these challenges for years. Moderated by Jason Johnson from the WhyTry organization, our panel features leading voices from the National Alternative Education Association (NAEA). They’ll share their seasoned perspectives and strategies that are not only transformative in alternative settings but also increasingly vital in our broader educational landscape.

What to Expect

This panel discussion will cover a range of vital topics, including:

  • Challenging common misconceptions about alternative education.
  • Addressing widespread educational issues now appearing in mainstream settings.
  • Exploring big-picture educational focuses both locally and nationally.
  • Implementing comprehensive student support systems.
  • Embracing and benefiting from relationship-based teaching.
  • Insights into trauma-informed education.
  • Reflecting on lifelong learning in alternative and general education.

Join the Conversation

This is more than just a webinar; it’s an opportunity to join a community of educators eager to enrich their teaching practices and student engagement. Whether you’re looking for new strategies, insights, or inspiration, this event is for you. We encourage all educators to participate in this vital conversation.

Meet Our Esteemed Panelists

Dr. LaToya Brown

NAEA President Elect

Dr. Brown has a rich background with over 10 years in diverse educational fields, including Alternative and Correctional Education and Adult Learning. As director of adult and community education at Rowland Unified School District in the San Gabriel Valley, she aids adults in reengaging with education to earn their diplomas.

Dr. Brown earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Pepperdine University, with research focusing on BIPOC youths’ challenges in public education. She is also pursuing a second doctorate in Global Leadership. She emphasizes a trauma-informed perspective, focusing on the holistic development of students.

Her philosophy of “Ubuntu,” meaning “I am because we are,” reflects her belief in community responsibility for educational outcomes.

Dr. Mary Cullen Frasier

NAEA Executive Director

With a focus on DEI practices and trauma-informed principles, Dr. Mary Cullen Frazier has led transformative programs in alternative education. Her work is grounded in extensive research and experience, aiming to support marginalized student populations through innovative educational practices.

Dr. Mark Brown

NAEA Region 2 Director

Dr. Mark Brown is the principal of Phoenix Academy, a K-12 public alternative school in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He holds an Ed.D. in Urban Leadership from Morgan State University, with further advanced studies in Special Education. Dr. Brown has substantial experience with over 24 years in education and 22 in administrative roles across Maryland, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

He has earned numerous educational endorsements, is a member of the inaugural class of the Maryland Educational Policy Fellowship Program, and serves on the Maryland Out Of School Time Network advisory board. Additionally, Dr. Brown is an adjunct professor at Morgan State University and the Region 2 Director of the National Alternative Education Association.

His publications focus on the impact of teacher-student relationships on student self-control.

Jason Johnson

Jason is a licensed school psychologist and has published research on resilience and student performance.  Jason is a passionate advocate for disadvantaged students and currently consults and trains educators across the nation as the director of training and research for the WhyTry organization. Jason is a thought leader on resilience education and has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the country. He has led successful implementations of all WhyTry programs and has pioneered trainings for clients in healthcare, corporate, and the US Military.

Join us as we bridge the gap between alternative and mainstream education, bringing forward solutions and strategies that address some of the most pressing challenges in today’s educational landscape. Your voice and engagement are key to our collective success. See you at the webinar!

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