WhyTry is a team of professionals dedicated to collaboration and building a community of educators focused on resilience and student wellness. We offer many free resources and tools focusing on this mission.

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Making WhyTry Work for You with Tom McCollum

One of the great things about the WhyTry program is its versatility.  The program was designed to be adapted and changed in order to meet the unique and diverse needs of students around the world. 
Tom McCollum, of Oxnard, California, shared with us a little of how he was able to not only adapt the WhyTry Program for his students but also how he used these adaptations to help his students achieve measurable success.  He talks “making WhyTry work for you.” 

Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers – and the Defense Mechanisms We Use

Working with youth isn’t always easy. As children begin to test their boundaries, challenging our authority and expanding their understanding of themselves, they can absolutely push us to our limits. This can lead to stress, anger, depression, and disengagement in educators. By letting our emotions get to us and reacting negatively in pressure situations, we aren’t helping ourselves or our students. 

What Malala Yousafzai Can Teach Us About Street Resilience

In October of 2014, Malala Yousafzai became, at the age of 17, the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. “Malala” has quickly become one of the most recognized names and faces in the world. She is the center of a worldwide movement for child education and an inspiration to many. But what has made Malala into the icon she is?

resilience breakthrough podcast episode 2

The Resilience Breakthrough Podcast

Explore the four sources of resilience. Learn to turn your problems into your best friend. Transform life’s adversities into opportunities for growth and learning.


A collection of the strategies WhyTry uses to address the most pressing problems in education. Including improving school attendance, relationship building, and helping educators stay relevant.


Each year, institutions award more than $350 billion to help fund worthwhile causes. WhyTry is a good fit for many potential funders. We’ve collected some helpful resources, tips, and links.

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