Resilience For Youth Sample Lesson – Emotional Fuel

About Emotional Fuel

The Emotional Fuel unit of the Resilience for Youth Program teaches visual metaphor that is introduced to a class or group. It shows students how, in the face of challenges, they can turn pain into power and move forward, committed to being resilient.

Visual Metaphor

The core of each Resilience for Youth unit is the visual metaphor. Use the emotional fuel visual metaphor to give students a visual representation of the concepts you teach.

Teacher’s Manual

The teacher’s manual includes important information about how to teach each learning unit, including processing questions, definitions, and other tips.

Activity Sample

Activities are a valuable resource provided in the Resilience for Youth toolkit. Activities provide a fun and engaging way to teach students the influential skills from each learning unit.

Journal Sample

Journals are a convenient resource provided in the Resilience for Youth Toolkit that provide a convenient and enjoyable way to process different concepts with students.

And Much More!

Resilience for Youth has 7 learning units with visual metaphors, videos, reading lists, and learning activities. Click below to schedule a demo of the complete program!

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