The story of Christian’s home life

Christian Moore, LCSW, shares his experiences with home life. His parents both had mental health challenges, and he was headed for trouble, when his childhood mentor, Patricia Jackson, came into his life. She fed Christian, nurtured him, and gave him structure. Most importantly, she taught him to be resilient.

The story of Christian’s academic challenges

Christian shares his experiences in school. He had severe learning disabilities and was completely disengaged from the education process. He beat the odds and earned a master’s degree. He went on to found WhyTry, which has reached millions of students, just like Christian.

The story of creating the WhyTry Program

Discover how Christian Moore, LCSW, created an engaging program to reach unmotivated students. Christian’s unique insights sparked ideas that have engaged millions of students to learn critical life lessons and find the motivation to engage with the education process.
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