Strategies For Teaching The Skills Of Resilience To All Students

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Time to reflect, refresh, and plan for next year

As we reflect on the challenges of this school year, it’s the perfect time to rekindle your passion for teaching and gear up for a more fulfilling year ahead. We invite you to join us for an enriching webinar, “Strategies for Teaching the Skills of Resilience to All Students.” This event will bring together award-winning educators from across the country to share best practices and innovative methods for cultivating resilience in every classroom.

Why Attend?

  • Expert Insights: Learn from seasoned educators who have mastered the art of engaging students and overcoming obstacles like trauma, anxiety, and depression.
  • Interactive Q&A: Pose your questions to our panelists, be part of the discussion, and watch as the amazing community of educators who tune in for our webinars share their insights and experiences.
  • Professional Growth: This webinar is not just an opportunity to learn—it’s a chance to earn Continuing Education Credits and prepare for the next academic year with renewed energy and ideas.

Find fresh solutions and strategies that can transform your classroom into a resilient and supportive learning environment. Whether you’re looking to overcome this year’s hurdles or simply enhance your teaching toolkit, this webinar will provide valuable insights and inspiration.

Join the Conversation

Meet Our Esteemed Panelists

Ashley Wright

School Counselor

A seasoned educator with over 16 years in the field, Ashley Wright, based in Houston, TX, has dedicated the past six years to serving as a certified school counselor and licensed professional counselor. Recognized as a 2022 American School Counselor of the Year Finalist and 2021 Texas School Counselor of the Year, Ashley has transitioned from elementary teaching to school counseling to better support students with social-emotional needs on a wider scale. She is a passionate advocate for diversity, self-esteem, character building, and resilience, firmly believing in the boundless potential within every individual to effect positive change.

Jennifer Kortge


Jennifer Kortge is a seasoned Licensed Master Social Worker with 26 years of experience as a School Social Worker in Lapeer County, Michigan. She specializes in special education across elementary to high school levels, implementing programs such as the WhyTry Program and Resilience for Youth. Certified as a Trauma & Resilience Trainer and a leadership trainer in effective practices, Jennifer’s work emphasizes collaboration with educators, parents, and staff to foster robust social-emotional development in students.

Gerald Robinson


Mr. Robinson serves as the Restorative Practice Coordinator at Doral Academy of Nevada and is the Co-Founder and President of Creative Restorative Practices Services. With a rich background in social work since 1991, Gerald has notably contributed to the Clark County School District and the State of Nevada Division of Child and Family Services. A licensed social worker and educator, he is deeply invested in child welfare and restorative practices. Gerald is also a proud UNLV alumnus, former Rebel football player, and enjoys family time, particularly supporting his son’s college football endeavors at the University of Nevada Reno.

Jason Johnson

Jason is a licensed school psychologist and has published research on resilience and student performance.  Jason is a passionate advocate for disadvantaged students and currently consults and trains educators across the nation as the director of training and research for the WhyTry organization. Jason is a thought leader on resilience education and has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the country. He has led successful implementations of all WhyTry programs and has pioneered training for clients in healthcare, corporate, and the US Military.

Join us as we bridge the gap between alternative and mainstream education, bringing forward solutions and strategies that address some of the most pressing challenges in today’s educational landscape. Your voice and engagement are key to our collective success. See you at the webinar!

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