Supporting Staff Resilience and Well-Being

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Resilience and Well-Being

Hey there, educators! Join us for a super helpful webinar presented by WhyTry and the School Social Workers Association of America (SSWAA). We’re diving into a discussion on “Supporting Staff Resilience and Well-Being,” and you’ll walk away with practical tips and insights from some amazing social workers.

What’s the Webinar About?

Feeling the end-of-year burnout? You’re not alone! This is the perfect time to reflect on the school year’s challenges, focus on some much-needed self-care, and reignite your passion for teaching. Our awesome panelists will share their experiences and tips, helping you create a supportive and resilient educational environment.

Why Attend?

This webinar is a must-attend for all educators looking to enhance their professional resilience and well-being. By learning from experienced social workers, participants will gain practical tools and insights that can be implemented in their daily routines. It’s a great time to reflect on the challenges of the past school year, spend some time on self-care, and rekindle your passion to start the next year in the most positive and productive way possible. Join us to contribute to this vital conversation and take steps toward a more resilient educational community.

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Join the Conversation

Meet Our Esteemed Panelists

Capella Hauer


Capella is the Associate Executive Director of the School Social Work Association of America. She earned her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University and has significant experience working with elementary-aged children. Capella is an advocate for trauma-informed practice and youth mental health. She also runs a non-profit bakery that supports local organizations and volunteers as a grief support facilitator.

Dr. Jacquelyn Anthony, Ed.D.


With over 25 years in School Social Work, Dr. Anthony has a wealth of experience supporting students and educators. She began her career in Clayton County Public Schools and now serves as the Director of Social Work Services for Atlanta Public Schools. Dr. Anthony is known for her leadership in implementing mental health supports and truancy prevention programs. She is also a published author and hosts a podcast to educate the community on social work services.

Dr. J.R. Bullard


Dr. Bullard-Batiste is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Doctorate in Social Work from Walden University. He has extensive experience in school social work and trauma-informed education. As the Professional Development Coordinator for the School Social Work Association of America, Dr. Bullard-Batiste is committed to training school staff to create supportive learning environments. He also teaches at Walden University and runs a private practice focusing on therapy for individuals, couples, and families.

Brittannee Chere’ Jones


Brittannee is a Licensed Master Social Worker with nine years of experience as a Certified School Social Worker. A two-time graduate of Kennesaw State University, she holds a Bachelor’s in Human Services and a Master’s in Social Work, with a focus on Family and Children. Currently, Brittannee is pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Work Policy, Planning, and Administration at Clark Atlanta University. Her research interests include chronic absenteeism interventions for minority students in urban districts.

Jason Johnson


Jason is a licensed school psychologist and has published research on resilience and student performance.  Jason is a passionate advocate for disadvantaged students and currently consults and trains educators across the nation as the director of training and research for the WhyTry organization. Jason is a thought leader on resilience education and has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the country. He has led successful implementations of all WhyTry programs and has pioneered training for clients in healthcare, corporate, and the US Military.

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