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The WhyTry Program

WhyTry is a flexible toolkit and curriculum for K-12 teachers and counselors. It provides simple, hands-on strategies and resources to help motivate the unmotivated student, support students with trauma, improve engagement, and increase academic success. the idea is straightforward: teach life skills and resilience to youth so they can understand and remember.

The 10 WhyTry Learning Units

The WhyTry curriculum utilizes a series of ten visual analogies that teach essential life skills like:

  • Decision making
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Emotional regulation
  • Having a resilient mindset
  • Peer influence & relationships
  • Problem-solving
  • Hard work & Determination
  • Responsibility and expectations
  • Relationship building
  • Self-efficacy

The Power of Visual Metaphors

One of the most unique things about WhyTry is how we use visual metaphors to teach these important principles to students in a way they can understand and remember. The powerful thing about this visual approach is the way it takes abstract concepts and puts them into a context through the use of a metaphor that students can understand. It essentially creates a language for educators to communicate the relevance of these things.

Student Engagement Instruction Using Multiple Learning Styles

The visual analogies are reinforced through the use of music, hands-on activities, stories, and multimedia. WhyTry curriculum engages all major learning styles (visual, auditory, and body-kinesthetic).

The WhyTry Toolkit and Curriculum

The WhyTry Program can be used as a flexible toolkit for teachers and counselors or as a classroom curriculum taught for a semester or school year. To schedule a demo of our complete toolkit and implementation model, click the button below.

The WhyTry Approach – Over 20 Years of Helping Build Relationships

The heart of our approach is a concept we call Surrendering the One-Up Relationship. This is a set of easy-to-implement strategies and activities that help educators build authentic, caring relationships with students.

Want to See More?

Schedule a time to speak with a WhyTry representative to get answers to questions about pricing, implementation, and how WhyTry could be used in your school/organization.

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