Webinar Resources:
A school leadership approach to connecting with every student

Thank you for attending our webinar! Here are some of the resources we shared

Slides from the presentation

Here are some of the slides that we shared during the presentation. Click on the links below for the format that you would like to have them.
Powerpoint (windows)
Keynote (mac)

Transformational Leaders – Admin Toolkit

Download and share a printable document explaining the WhyTry Transformational Leaders – Administrator Toolkit.

Watch the webinar recording

If you missed the opportunity to catch the webinar live, no worries! We recorded it for you, and you can watch it at at time that is convenient for you. Also, please feel free to share this link with anyone that you feel might be interested in this discussion.
Watch it here:

Try a sample of our strategies

Thank you for coming to our webinar! We promised to share some resources with you that you can take and try with your students. Here is a sample of our strategies and activities for surrendering the one-up that focus on student empowerment. You can download them here

Do you have any questions about our Administrator Toolkit?

Would you like to learn more about our toolkit including information about pricing and how it can help you in your school / organization? Click the button below to schedule a time to talk with a WhyTry program director in your area and they can show you a live demo of how it works.

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