Sample Lesson

About The Reality Ride

The Reality Ride is often the first WhyTry visual metaphor that is introduced to a class or group. It uses a picture of a rollercoaster to demonstrate that each decision we make has a consequence. It illustrates to students that the decisions we make today directly affect the future.

Walkthrough Demonstration of the Reality Ride Visual Metaphor


This is a sample lesson of the Reality Ride for elementary classrooms and groups


This is a sample lesson of the Reality Ride for secondary classrooms and groups

A Strengths-Based Approach

WhyTry teaches life skills critical to the future success of every student or adult. While founded on well-established therapeutic practices, facilitators don’t need to be trained in these modalities to use the program.

An Evidence-Based Intervention

WhyTry is an evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) program. WhyTry has proven to be a successful intervention tool in a variety of settings, populations, and age groups. Across multiple third-party studies, researchers have seen significant positive changes using WhyTry.

Start Where You Are, Work Toward Full-fidelity

Students who participate in a full-fidelity implementation of the WhyTry Program show improvement across several key metrics. To ensure you reap these benefits, we follow a rigorous, yet flexible implementation model. This includes in-person training, online program access, and tools to measure progress both before and after you implement the intervention.

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