Resilience Breakthrough Staff Development 

Build resilience in your school.

What does a resilient school look like? The answer will transform your entire school climate, and we call it the Resilience Breakthrough.

This one-day staff development draws from the vital skills of resilience found in WhyTry Founder Christian Moore’s The Resilience Breakthrough. It provides tangible tools that will help staff convert life’s adversities and setbacks into powerful action – both in their personal and professional life.

Help your staff achieve a group mindset of resilience that will spread throughout the school. 


 The staff development includes:

  • A comprehensive workbook for each participant
  • A copy of The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action for each participant
  • A personal resilience self-assessment
  • Experiential activities illustrating specific resilience concepts
  • Coaching on how to put several "resilience boosters" into action
  • Powerful videos of real-life resilience 

What people are saying:

 "I used to be very resilient as a youth and young adult, but have allowed some trials to lower my self-confidence. The training helped me recapture my self-empowerment." -Jen Holden, licensed clinical social worker, Utah

"The flow of the training was amazing due to the engaging mix of video, activities, and discussions. The stories and experiences made the learning real. I have never been to a training that I didn't want to end! This was THAT training... Thank you!" -Amberly Brown, Counselor, Texas

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Resilience in Education Matters.

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