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Implementing WhyTry as a Tier 3 Intervention

WhyTry can be implemented in a variety of different school settings and systems. Using the WhyTry program in as a Tier 3 intervention under the Response to Intervention (RTI) model can be extremely effective. It can be especially beneficial for teachers, counselors, social worker, and school psychologists. Using WhyTry in these one on one setting allow staff to form a deeper connection with the student and develop individualized interventions depending on those interactions.

To use WhyTry as a Tier 3 intervention with your students, you might consider the following examples:

Systematically address lessons in brief, solution-focused sessions:

Use the climbing out lesson. Students may discuss what factors in their life (such as negative peer groups) are pulling them back into “The Pot”. Discussion can then be geared toward helping students develop strategies to help them pull away from negative peer groups and pull themselves out of “The Pot”. You can later follow up and address whether they have been able to apply those strategies. If they have you can discuss how they feel now that they aren’t around those negative influences. If not, you can discuss what may be holding them back. Other analogies are also appropriate in addressing multiple school and other life issues. These include Jumping Hurdles, Defense Mechanisms, and Lift the Weight.

Surrender the One-Up:

Gail Beasley is a kindhearted teacher who has had her own successes using WhyTry. She used the concept of surrendering the one up to make students feel at home and important. “I have [my students] come sit in my chair, like Chris said, let them sit in your own chair, and they’ll do anything for me . . . I want to see every child make it, not just a few. Every child’s capable of making it.”

To see some examples of surrendering the one-up strategies click here 

Have you used the WhyTry Program as a Tier 3 intervention? If so, share your ideas in the comments section before.

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