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Peoria High School Featured in World News Report

WhyTry School, Peoria High School, and Principal Brett Elliot have been are receiving national attention for the positive changes they are seeing within their halls and classrooms.

The World News Report features the Peoria Lions in an article addressing discipline changes happening nationwide. Elliot and his staff are congratulated for taking initiative, claiming that the newly implemented changes made by the administration have not only helped with behavioral issues, but have boosted academics, making Peoria High school "the fastest-improving" school in their city.

Elliot is quoted saying that in the past, "If [students] got sent out of class, they’d go to an assistant principal and get the normal discipline,” adding that now “if they’re disrupting the class…they’d get strategies on how they can better cope in class and talk about why they’re misbehaving and so on. Then get them back into the classroom, which basically eliminates that they’re just going to go down the same old track of being suspended and then eventually expelled.”

The WhyTry program has provided Peoria and many other schools with an alternative to suspension. The program helps students not just change their behavior, but change their mindset; teaching them that they CAN change and that there is always hope for a better and brighter future.

We want to applaud all those at Peoria High School who are working to make a difference in their students' lives.

To read more about how Principal Brett Elliott is using WhyTry to turn his school around, check out the World News Report Article here.




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Sunday, 23 February 2020

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