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  • Resilience for Youth Program

Resilience for Youth helps everyone in a school increase motivation and enhance personal resilience - vital skills that help students boost achievement in school and in life. Useful for:

  • Homerooms
  • College/career prep
  • Leadership classes
  • Student success 
  • Tier 1 interventions
  • School-wide resilience initiatives
  • After-school programs


Resilience for Youth draws on the highly successful pattern of the WhyTry Program and the principles of the WhyTry Program and the principles of WhyTry Founder Christian Moore's highlly-acclaimed book, The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action. 

Your renewable 1-year subscription to the Resilience for Youth curriculum includes:

  • 6 comprehensive units, plus a bonus lesson on “Introducing Resilience”
  • 6 visual metaphors to illustrate each unit
  • Detailed instructions for over 50 activities
  • Journal prompts to help students reflect and internalize the concepts of each unit
  • Video resources
  • Customizable PowerPoint decks

Resilience for Youth Program

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Resilience in Education Matters.

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