WhyTry Program

Materials and Toolkit Overview

The WhyTry Program

Toolkit and Training

Includes a single license for full toolkit access and our introductory training.

Buy the program, login to the toolkit, and choose any online or in-person event that works for your schedule.


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Watch a Brief Overview

This is a brief overview of the materials and toolkit resources.
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Watch a Detailed Overview

This is a detailed overview of the materials and toolkit resources.
(approx 9 min)

10 WhyTry Learning Units

The WhyTry curriculum utilizes a series often visual analogies that teach essential life skills like:

  • Decision-making
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Emotional regulation
  • Having a resilient mindset
  • Peer influence & relationships
  • Problem-solving
  • Hard work & Determination
  • Responsibility and expectations
  • Relationship building
  • Self-efficacy

The Power of Visual Metaphors

One of the most unique things about WhyTry is how we use visual metaphors to teach these important principles to students in a way they can understand and remember.  The powerful thing about using this visual approach is the way it takes abstract concepts and puts them into a context through the use of a metaphor that students can understand.  It essentially creates a language for educators to communicate the relevance of these things.

Start Where You Are, Work Toward Full-fidelity

Students who participate in a full-fidelity implementation of the WhyTry Program show improvement across several key metrics. To ensure you reap these benefits, we follow a rigorous, yet flexible implementation model. This includes in-person training, online program access, and tools to measure progress both before and after you implement the intervention.

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